Is a daytime nap the secret to business success?

According to Google…yes! So much so, that its Googleplex headquarters in Mountain View, California, are kitted out with high tech sleep pods, where employees can go to recharge their batteries. These EnergyPods are said to incorporate NASA science, enclosing the occupant within a private space which shuts out any...

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6 reasons why co-working is becoming so popular

Co-working is a fast-growing trend. Initially, it was the domain of start-ups who’d outgrown their bedroom-based offices and needed a flexible, affordable space for their growing business. But over time the popularity and number of co-working spaces has blossomed, with more and more professionals wanting to decide for themselves...

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The 3 keys to persuasive communication

This article is based on the webinar delivered by bestselling author Carmine Gallo, which can be viewed here. Although we might not be aware of it, we’re in communication mode all of the time. Possessing the ability to communicate our ideas persuasively is one of the most critical skills...

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