This afternoon I have come across a heart-warming presentation on transmedia storytelling, by Dutch strategist Polle de Maagt who works for digital agency Boondoggle, via albinoriotman.

Boondoggle was asked to make Antwerp Zoo front of mind with young families going for a day out. So for eight months, they shared the story of one pregnant elephant…”wouldn’t it be awesome if we could make every Belgian feel a little bit pregnant too?”.

The result…on 17 May 2009, 20% of all Belgians watched a live broadcast starring a little elephant.

The Slideshare is really worth viewing, and a wonderful example of how to create content that is truly worth sharing. In this case, the story took on a life of its own across a variety of social channels.

“Transmedia storytelling and another slang for ‘create stuff worth sharing’. Or: a masterclass in cute elephantisms.”


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