Your online social reputation is something that you build as you go. Whether you are completely new to social media, or looking for support and fresh ideas on a new campaign, our team of experienced consultants can work with you to develop a social media strategy from the ground up.

We are happy to work independently or integrate ourselves within a wider team.

Our strategic consultancy areas include:

  • Mapping and monitoring: researching what is currently being said about you online, understanding where conversations occurring on the social web are connecting with your purchase funnel and identifying the trigger points for important conversations that matter to you
  • Identifying authoritative sources – researching your target sites, influencers, stakeholders and their networks
  • Selecting your social media channels – Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn. We will help you identify the types of social channels that are likely to provide a beneficial effect and/or provide real insight and engagement
  • Multimedia planning and development – help in creating social content that people will want to share including photos, video, podcasts, blogs and microblogs
  • Structuring teams and choosing conversationalists  – advice and support in implementing your social media plan internally
  • Measurement – advice on selecting the most appropriate social media metrics to assess ROI
  • Crisis management – creating a protocol for when things might go wrong on the social web, and emergency consultancy for when the unexpected happens

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