The Twitter account surrounding Angelina Jolie’s right leg at the Oscars, @AngiesRightLeg, has become an overnight sensation, amassing 47,465 followers to date [correct at the time of writing]. But beyond that, what has been even more surprising to me, is that the spoof account has made the news of many major online and offline news publications. I am genuinely baffled as to why this is such big news. Here are some examples of some respected publications covering the story:

Angelina Jolie’s Pose Has Legs On Twitter – Sky News

Oscars 2012: Angelina Jolie’s right leg is followed by 10,000 on Twitter – Telegraph

Angelina Jolie’s notorious leg ‘gets Twitter account’ after Oscars success – Metro

Angelina Jolie’s Leg, Jennifer Lopez’s Anatomy Inspire Twitter Accounts At 2012 Oscars – Huffington Post

Flashed at the Oscars, Angelina Jolie’s leg spawns its own Twitter account – Washington Post

There has to be more newsworthy items then this, surely?

In my view, the quality of conversation that such a spoof Twitter account can share is surely likely to be limited. Read More…

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