64 ways of getting off the ground with Google+

Google+ is the future of Google and marketers are slowly coming around to this. Google sees it as its core product that everything else Google wise will stem from. If you are a contribute to a blog or journalist  it is particularly important to have a presence here. If you are, looking utilise Google + a little more Maria Peagler has put together the below infographic:...

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Google Please Hire Me

Matthew Epstein would like to work for Google. The above video is his way of getting on Google’s radar. Alongside the video, he has created a website that host’s the video, resume, and a contact form. Unfortunately, he did not succeed in his quest, but he did get a job at start-up company called SigFig.

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Reward your customers with new “Zavers” by Google

Google Zavers is the new is a new digital couponing and loyalty solution form Google. Zavers is targeted at large brands and is intended to help them create incentive programs and reward shopping.  Then finally distribute using Google’s segmentation capabilities allow you to deliver the right coupons to the right customers. Customers using Google Wallet can also instantly...

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