How to Set Up a Brand-Run Blogger Network. White Paper by Wendy McAuliffe – Director, Populate Digital


There is no denying the power and influence that bloggers can hold, particularly when it comes to shaping and influencing consumer opinion. Businesses are recognising this by setting up brand-run blogger networks – with differing degrees of success. This white paper, authored by Wendy McAuliffe, examines some useful lessons for setting up a brand-run blogger network.

Download: Citrix-Blogger-Networks.pdf (File size:573 KB)


Twitter for Marketers: Top 10 FAQ’s. White Paper by Wendy McAuliffe – Director, Populate Digital


This guide is a best practice Q&A for marketers who are already dabbling in Twitter for business purposes. With insights into the most commonly expressed concerns and queries that marketers have about the micro-blogging platform, these explanations are designed to help you bolster your confidence when tweeting. Learn how to gain more traction on tweets, how to use hashtags more effectively, how to use Twitter to promote events and more.

Download: Citrix-Twitter-FAQ-Marketers.pdf (File size:395 KB)

Blogging to the Next Level. White paper by Andy merchant – Director, Populate Digital


Towards the end of last year, Bloggers Required spoke to a cross-section of bloggers, from seasoned bloggers who were publishing their thoughts online a decade ago through to those who have only just joined the game. Here is what they had to say.

Download: Blogging to the Next Level.PDF 

Blogging to the Next Level

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